I drew a comic about finding true love in a digital age


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The Cramps - Can Your Pussy Do the Dog? (1986)

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this show is very frustrating to watch

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Audrey Kawasaki

"My painted skull for ‘Skulls’ group show at Kat Von D’s Wonderland Gallery. Friday 11/2. for more info check my blog @thekatvond @WonderlandLA #katvond #wonderlandgallery”

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This happened to my cat once

mirsiu said: usually if ur with sunglasses they think u cant see at all. so just make a face right back at everyone they dumb as hell anyway

I have no time for judgmental strangers

i try to make eyecontact before they hurry off tho  

do people not realise that people can tell when you’re giving them dirty looks

bc it’s really obvious 


when u try to caffeinate yourself and just end up increasing ur heart rate with no discernible changes in levels of exhaustion  


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It’s back

this is still fucking hilarious, you stupid woman.

Phillip’s face tho

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mirsiu said: just write the analysis using only one word. “boobs”.

boobhead man paints boobs 

many boob
sneaky boob

And to conclude my analysis on the characteristics of the analytical period specifically the characteristics featured in “The Accordionist” I’d have to say boobs

mirsiu said: im never gonna look at his art the same

i have to analyse his works and i am anger bc he is a perverted manipulator and i’m tired and all i’m seeing are boobs  

mirsiu said: just like me :-)

no but all i’m seeing is this now

Fuck picasso isn’t an artist he just subtly painted breasts everywhere